Welcome to CSR Match!

I’m happy to welcome you to CSR Match, the only on-line funding platform for corporations and NGO’s in search of each other.

Regular visitors will already know that CSR Match is a constantly evolving project, driven by the needs and desires of our users and the changing dynamics of the CSR space. That will always continue!  We have some great innovations coming up and I look forward to revealing those to you over the next few months.

As our database of donor organizations continues to grow and new projects continue to be added to the website, so the services and opportunities on CSR Match grow right along with them.

So much has changed over the last decades in the way we perceive CSR, as well as in the way we address NGO project funding. So whether you are looking to directly align your CSR program to SDG’s or whether you are looking to create a shared value signature program you can embrace and grow with, CSR Match is the right tool to help you.

All of us at CSR Match hope you will find and make the connections to enhance your CSR programs.

Brand Scheffer
Executive Director


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