Will I have to pay for my project page?

No, ‘standard’ project pages are free to all registered non-profits, as long as you are officially registered in your country of origin. ‘Select’ and ‘Premium’ project pages are available at an additional fee.

How long before I get a funding offer?

We don’t know how long it will take for you to connect with potential donors. It depends on how your project page is received.  It could be the same day, it could be 7 months from now or longer.  CSR Match has no control over how donors use the site or how they will respond to different project pages.

Can I upgrade my project page?

Yes you can upgrade any time. If you want to upgrade to a ‘Select’ or ‘Premium’ project page simply go to the ‘My Profile’ in the top right of the home page, click on your project page and then click on the upgrade button next to it. You will be asked to pay for the upgrade at the time you implement the upgrade.

Can I contact donors directly?

Yes, but only after donors have contacted you. We set up CSR Match in such a way that Donors initiate the first contact. We did this to give donors anonymity and the opportunity to search for the right project without prompting funding requests.

How will donors transfer money?

Grant payments are arranged between donors and recipient NGO’s. CSR Match has no involvement in the execution of grant payments.

Why do I have to pay CSR Match?

You pay CSR Match only in the event of a successful match, to help pay for the service and maintenance and development of the site.  CSR Match is a registered 501c3 non-profit. All payments help develop the CSR Match project.

When do I have to Pay CSR Match?

Payments for project page upgrades and advertising space in the Marketplace are paid at the time of order on the “My Account Page”.  The 1% project funding fee should be paid by wire within 30 days.

Can I change my project page once it’s up?

Yes, go to ‘my profile’ and you will see your project listed there. Click on edit and you will be able to change content and images.

Can anyone else change my project page?

Not without your permission or login details. Only someone with your login and password can change your project page content.

Is the content of my project page subject to editing?

CSR Match does not edit your material but does ‘vet’ content and monitor for inappropriate content. It may remove text, images, or video that contains inappropriate material.

Are there any types of projects that are not allowed on CSR Match?

Projects are reviewed on a case by case basis. If you have any concerns about the suitability of your project, please contact us directly.

Can other NGO’s see my project page?

Everyone can see the front page of your project, but only registered, logged on donors are able to view your complete project.

Can I change my password?

Yes, if you go to “my profile” there is an option for that.

Can I have more than one project page?

Yes, you can have multiple project pages and maintain them all from the same login. You can also upgrade projects in your portfolio individually.

Can I work together with other NGO’s on the same project?

Yes, consortia are welcome as long as the lead organization is identified along with the other partnering organizations in the appropriate place on the project page.

Why is there a delay between submission of material and it appearing on the site?

All material is reviewed by CSR Match before going live. We do this to ensure that no inappropriate content is inadvertently submitted.

How do I vet or evaluate a project or NGO?

CSR does not take responsibility for the viability or otherwise of a project or NGO. We recommend utilization of the numerous specialist agencies who offer these services along with your own due diligence.

Does CSR Match provide any reports on NGO’s?

CSR Match does not offer any reporting service or evaluation service of NGOs. We recommend using the available service organizations that specialize in these types of reports and evaluations.