Competition Guidelines and Rules



The CSR Matters annual essay competition consists of four essay competitions, taking place once every quarter with a winning prize of $1000 each. An additional annual review of the four winning entries will be conducted by the competition editorial panel, which will award a further $1000 prize for content and style.

Each quarterly competition consists of two parts. The first part is to write an essay of between 700 and 1000 words, and second part is to promote it so that it is read by as many people as possible.


  • Part 1 – Write Your Essay: There are 17 essay subjects to choose from. Simply pick a subject from the list and write an essay of between 700 and 1000 words.
  • Part 2:  Now that your essay is written, load it on the CSR Matters page and let everyone know it’s there! Encourage as many people as you can to visit the competition page and read your essay. Every visit lasting 2 minutes or more will be automatically recorded as ‘read’. The essay with the highest number of registered visits by closing date will win $1000.00.



Essay subjects relate to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). For a complete subject list, go to the competition page. Like Round 1, in Round 2 you can write about these subjects from any perspective you want. However in this round we ask you to write about how you think corporations can or do influence the SDG you are writing about. You could include success stories, as well as personal experiences, your ethical viewpoint, a humanitarian perspective; any approach is acceptable. We want to hear your views and why you think corporations can or should support these goals.

You can write about these subjects from any perspective you want. Your own experiences, your ethical viewpoint, a humanitarian perspective, any approach is acceptable. We want to hear your opinion and why you think it’s important and why or how you feel corporations can or should support these goals.

The competition will be repeated every quarter, possibly with the same subjects, possibly with other subjects. At the end of the year the four winning essays will be reviewed by an editorial panel, for content and writing style and a winner will be selected and be awarded an additional $1000.

All participants who submit an essay will receive a certificate of participation in the CSR Matters essay writing competition, along with a confirmation of publication, to be used as a part of any CV package you might be preparing for College applications.


heartThe four quarterly winners, in addition to their $1000 prize, receive a letter of award signed by the Executive Chairman of GBG, the parent company of CSR Match, congratulating you on your win in this competition and commending you for your initiative and social marketing skills.

The annual prize winner receives a formal signed certificate of award from the evaluation committee as well as a signature from the Executive Chairman, acknowledging your achievement and commending you for your tremendous winning effort.

We highly recommend you include a relevant photograph with your essay submission to add interest and impact to your contribution. (make sure you are allowed to use the photograph – copyright infringement may invalidate your entry).


Please note:

  • You must be a Goodwall member to participate in this competition
  • You must register on the CSR Matters competition page with your Goodwall ID
  • You may submit only one entry per year for the competition
  • You must submit your entry within the competition start and closing dates
  • Your essay must be between 700 and 1000 words long
  • Your essay must be on one of the topics listed on the topics page
  • You may only submit original, previously unpublished work
  • Your essay entry must include the topic title and competition
  • You may only use photographs over which you have copyright
  • Your essay must be submitted in English
  • Your essay must not contain profane or derogatory language
  • All decisions regarding suitability and eligibility of submissions remain with the CSR Matters competition team
  • Don’t forget to post an achievement using #CSRMatters and the achievement photo provided on Goodwall.