About CSR MatchCSR Match is the non-profit world’s social marketing tool to help donors and project implementers meet.

For NGO’s in today’s economy, trying to ensure project sustainability and fund project development is rapidly becoming the biggest challenge of all. Not surprisingly, the search for suitable funding partners is now at the top of every non-profit’s priority list.

Corporations too are facing a different commercial environment. Globalization, changing social perceptions and shifting consumer buying trends are now the hallmark of an internet driven world seemingly devoid of geographic boundaries. All markets operate globally in a way we never could have imagined a few short years ago.

The consequent need for connecting with shareholders, customers and their communities is now an essential part of any marketing communication strategy. CSR programs not only demonstrate participation with the global community in a way no other initiative can, they deliver the corporate message as well.


CSR Match

Yet finding the right project and the right implementing NGO is no easy task.  The numbers are huge and the range of variables equally diverse.

CSR Match is designed to help that process. Potential donors can search and view projects based on criteria such as geography, project focus, dollar value, duration and whether participation at a deeper level other than simply financial support is possible.  Is there room for a donor voice in project development for example? Are donor volunteers welcome?  Additionally, detailed financial information is available in a secure format that protects the integrity of implementing NGO’s as well as the privacy of donors exploring project options.

For NGO’s, placing a project profile on CSR Match ensures the best exposure to a large group of potential donors in an effective and secure way and adds a new tool in the search for potential funding partners.

If you want to increase your non-profit’s presence and be available to US and Global corporations, join CSRMatch.org. If your corporation wants an efficient way to help find non-profit partners and see projects you are unlikely to see anywhere else, register your company on CSRMatch.org.


CSRMatch.org bringing organizations together to improve the lives and opportunities for people around the world.

The CSR Match service is hosted and managed by the GBG Foundation and is a free service to registered NGO’s and corporate CSR departments. In the event of successful matches, a 1% finder’s fee is levied to help maintain the site and improve the service.